ITA Member Nations report 2018

This is the report of ITA Member Nations for the year 2018 including reports from 46 Member Nations.

The model adopted two years ago of publishing the Annual Activity Reports produced by the Member Nations in a separate magazine has proven very successful. The Executive Council once again received very positive feedback from the Member Nations and members of the tunnelling community. For this reason, we decided to repeat the publication in 2019 and will probably adopt it regularly in the future. It is great to think that perhaps because of this new way of disseminating their activities, the Member Nations became more motivated, as the number of reports received this year is an impressive 46! 

The previous method of presenting only parts of the reports during the General Assembly was very limited. The wealth of information simply could not be digested due to the time restrictions on the presentations and the lack of availability for later consultation. Good examples of current active Member Nations are the best motivation for new actions in other parts of the world. The value to the industry of the information relating to potential or new projects is also very significant. It will benefit not only our industry but society itself. I do encourage all Member Nations to submit their reports next year.

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  • Author: ITA
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