GEO Data & Consult

Messrs. Harald Golser, Klaus Rabensteiner
Hölzlstraße 5, 5071 Wals bei Salzburg / AUSTRIA




GEO-Data&Consult is a permanent cooperation of Geodata Survey & Monitoring Group Leoben and the Geo­consult Engineering Group.

We strongly believe that the close integration of tunnel information management with continuous monitoring data interpretation and adaptive design will significantly contribute to an optimization of tunnel related processes.

In close co-operation with manufacturers and suppliers we expect further technological advancement leading to more safe and cost effective tunnelling.




Multidisciplinary Engineering & Consultancy Group

  • Civil, Structural and Geotechnical Engineering, Soil & Rock Mechanics, Geology, Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Environmental & Mining and Electro-Technical Engineering
  • Surveying, Machine Guidance, Instrumentation & Monitoring, IT based Services, Systems & Software


Private – Independent – International

More than 40 years we gained experience during execution of more than 2.500 projects in over 50 countries.

Our 550 employees are guarantors for technical innovation, strong performance and optimized solutions for our customers.
With our offices in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Croatia, Chile, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Great Britain, India, Norway, Singapore, Slovak Republic and Turkey we are involved at present in numerous large scale projects around the world, like:





  • Semmering Base Tunnel and Koralmtunnel; Austria Highspeed rail twin tunnels with 2 x 27,3 km and 2 x 32,9 km length excavated by TBM and NATM
  • Stuttgart 21 and New Highspeed Railway Line Stuttgart – Ulm, Germany Lots Fildertunnel and Tunnel Ober-/Untertürkheim: twin tubes tunnels 2 x 15,7 km long; Albvorlandtunnel: twin tube single track tunnels 2 x 8 km and Main Station Access Ulm
  • Cityringen Project and Nordhavn Extension, Copenhagen, Denmark Metro extension with a total length of 18,5 km TBM tunnels and 19 stations
  • Metro Thessaloniki, Greece, Kalamaria extension: total length 12,5 km TBM twin tunnels and 18 stations
  • North Connex Project, Sydney, Australia: 9 km long motorway tunnel
  • Metro des Santiago, Chile: Line 3 and 6; 36,5 km subway with 28 stations
  • HEPP Alto Maipo, Chile: 531 MW hydroelectric power plant with 45 km TBM and NATM tunnels, caverns and shafts
  • Agua Negra crossing of the Andes, Argentina/Chile: Road tunnel with a length of approx. 30 km
  • Pir Panjal Railway Tunnel Project, India: Longest railway tunnel in India with a length of approx. 11 km
  • Crude oil storage schemes in Padur in the state of Karnataka and Vishakapatnam in Andhara Pradesh, India: Large size storage cavern/tunnel and shaft system
  • Down Town Line Stage 2 (DTL2), Singapore, Contract 919 includes approx 2km long TBM driven main tunnel and 2 underground station, namely Stevens Station and Botanic Gardens Station