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Orica is the world’s largest provider of commercial explosives and blasting systems to the civil construction, mining, quarrying, and oil and gas markets. Our global network of technical services engineers, technicians and product support specialists are dedicated to reducing your total cost of operation, speeding up your construction timeline and enhancing your licence to operate.
Orica’s range includes blasting services, bulk and packaged explosives, initiators, boosters, industry leading delivery systems and a range of design, modelling and measurement technologies to optimise every blast.
Through Nitro Consult,™ Orica provides a comprehensive range of environmental monitoring and consultancy services for the construction and mining industries. In civil construction we work in partnership with project owners, contractors, local authorities, communities and other stakeholders to optimise the performance of blasting projects, supporting the entire project life-cycle. With specialist expertise in highly sensitive blasting, inner-city rock excavation, rock engineering and blast-measurement and control technology, Nitro Consult is your trusted partner for confidence in all civil blasting works.
We tailor solutions for every job, in civil construction, underground construction and civil infrastructure applications. Our value propositions generally fall into one of the following categories:-
RAPID ADVANCE - Orica’s specialist technical expertise, blast design software and techniques such as multi-deck blasting and string loading can be effectively deployed to maximise tunnel advance rates and improve perimeter control in the most environmentally sensitive and geotechnically challenging situations
VIBRATION CONTROL - Orica’s electronic blasting systems (eDev™ II and i-kon™ II) combined with blast vibration modelling enable safe, predictable blast outcomes close to infrastructure, final limits and environmentally sensitive areas; design of larger, controlled blasts with increased economies of scale and reduced blast frequency; and maintenance of your licence to operate and improved community relations; asset protection and faster project completion time.
ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING - Through the experience of Nitro Consult, we lead the construction industry in monitoring vibration, noise and airblast as well as dust, strain, humidity and temperature to assess the true impact of blasting on sensitive structures versus passive effects. We provide, install and oversee network connected multi-channel monitors. Monitors push data in real time to NCVIB – a multilingual online portal where multiple project stakeholders can view blast results from any web connected device, 24/7. Software based analysis of vibration waveforms provides further information for continuous improvement.
BLAST CONSULTING - The performance requirements of urban blasting are becoming increasingly demanding with a growing number of competing objectives including vibration, fragmentation, advance rate, design compliance and cost minimisation. Orica and Nitro Consult offer a broad range of reliable technical support from our global network of experienced professionals.
GROUND CONTROL - Minova is the leading specialist supplier of chemical and steel based ground support, strata injection, cementitious grouts and associated equipment and services for use in the civil construction industry. Minova’s offer is renowned for the capability of its unique products in ground stabilization, delivering solutions for prevention of rock fall, roof control, water stopping, face stabilization, cavity filling, ground consolidation, slope stabilization, and a range of other special applications to consolidate loose ground.