IDS GeoRadar

IDS GeoRadar s.r.l.

Mr Matthias Twardzik
Business Development Manager – GEO Monitoring
Via Augusto Righi

6/6A/8 - 56121 PISA (PI), Italy

Phone: +39 050 89 34 253
Fax: +39 050 7912130

IDS GeoRadar, part of Hexagon, is a provider of radar remote monitoring technology for complex structures and natural hazards, that recently developed an interferometric radar system for tunnel operations applicable for both drill and blast and partial-face mechanical excavation methods. IDS GeoRadar is committed to deliver best-in-class performance solutions and to the pursuit of product excellence, through the creation of application-specific, innovative and cost-efficient systems for a wide range of applications.

The innovative solution has been adapted to the whole tunnel building process and is able to monitor tunnel face during construction. The radar system detects fall precursors, triggering early warning to increase safety for tunnel operations and to evacuate people/machinery at risk.