Contec Fiber AG

Contec Fiber AG

Mr Mario Manser
Contec Fiber AG 
Via Innovativa 21
CH-7013 Domat/Ems, Switzerland 
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Contec Fiber AG, based in Switzerland, is a synthetic fiber supplier with a long history in developing and manufacturing different kinds of micro- and macrofibers 
Our worldwide unique bi-component macrofiber CONCRIX has passed the longest creeping test in the industry with a testing duration of more than 1.500 days. CONCRIX can be used in different kinds of applications such as for shotcrete, precast elements, infrastructure projects and track foundations. The durability of synthetic fiber reinforced concretes in combination with the non-creeping effect of CONCRIX allows the use in permanent structures.
The Engineering team of Contec Fiber AG Engineering Team offers not only excellent assistance to consultants, clients and applicators in their planning and evaluation of modern and economical reinforcement solutions, but also offers advice on use and application of the products and full static calculations if required.
CONCRIX is the only fiber manufacturer who has completed the process of a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to show its ecological benefits. A low carbon footprint of CONCRIX helps planners and customers to reduce the total environmental impact of concrete structures in comparison to traditional steel-reinforced proposals.
The philosophy of Contec Fiber: 
“Synthetic fibers wherever possible - Steel reinforcement whenever absolutely necessary”