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ITAtech - The information disseminator of new technologies in tunnelling

ITAtech - The information disseminator of new technologies in tunnelling

17 May 2017

ITAtech is one of four committees of the ITA organization. The mission is to promote new or state-of-the-art technologies and methods for the sustainable development of underground space. This is done through development and publication of guidelines on technology, processes or design best practices. The ITAtech activities include all processes related to underground construction such as Investigation, Excavation, Support, Lining and Waterproofing, Monitoring, and Design. The work is organized as activity groups (AG) and sub activity groups in some cases.

Since the conception of ITAtech in 2012, we have published 8 guidelines in total, and quite few new ones are currently in process, e.g. PFRCS volume 2, Quality in Drill & Blast, Bolts & Arches, and Investigation, to mention a few. Our publications can be found at the ITA website. https://www.ita-aites.org/en/wg-committees/committees/itatech/goals-membership

To become an active member of ITAtech activity groups you have to be member of ITA through a Corporate Affiliate Membership either as an ITA Supporter or as an ITA Prime Sponsor. - Activity group leaders come from, and are designated by, the companies that are ITA Prime Sponsors, who in turn form the Steering Board of ITAtech. – It is also possible to be a “passive prime sponsor”, i.e. to refrain from taking part on AG work, but our wish is that all prime sponsors also allocate time and resource to ongoing activities and bring in new ideas on suitable subjects to work on.

A basic guiding principle for selection/approval of subjects to focus on, is that the subject shall be of general international interest to the underground professionals. The ITAtech Steering Board gives the formal approval on the relevance of an attempted guideline to be written and published, and in conjunction to that, safeguards that the necessary contacts are taken internally to ITA Working Groups, for good coordination in case adjacent themes are worked on by a WG as well.

It is great fun and most rewarding, but also sometimes time consuming, to take part in ITAtech AG work. I am pleased to notice that so many industry professionals have been dedicating, and still are willing to dedicate, part of their precious time for ITAtech, which is the best proof of the long term value creation to the tunneling industry we are contributing to by our work. – You could also be an ITAtech contributor. Why not join us and be an even more active partner in shaping the future of the underground space!, and by doing this enjoy the benefits of getting increased exposure within this market segment.


Pauli Arenram
ITAtech Chair

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