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Info from our Prime Sponsor: Bekaert

Info from our Prime Sponsor: Bekaert

12 January 2023

Bekaert Underground offers a wide portfolio of fibre concrete reinforcement solutions and high-quality fibre for every kind of underground application, whether your project calls for primary/final sprayed concrete linings, cast-in-place or precast segmental linings or temporary/permanently sprayed concrete. Used in numerous tunnels and mines around the world, Dramix® steel fibres have proven themselves as a key component in achieving safe, durable, and low carbon lining solution.
At Bekaert, we continuously strive to minimize our environmental impact by integrating sustainability at every level of our business. The Bekaert R&D team together with universities continue to investigate recyclability. In June 2021, Dramix® manufactured at our plant was granted an EPD certificate. 
Dramix® steel fibres enable a service lifespan of concrete tunnels of 120 years, the reinforcement support is designed with the future in mind thanks to optimal crack control and structural stability.
SFRC with Dramix® inside reduces your carbon footprint

Photo Credit: Eiffage Génie Civil

The Grand Paris Metro Line 16-1, a 19.3 km of tunnels lined with precast segments reinforced with Dramix®. A significant amount of steel was saved because Dramix® steel fibres were used as the solution rather than steel bars. 40 kg/m³ of steel fibres has been used whereas a traditional reinforcement solution would result in 85 km/m³. That’s more than 50% of steel saved.

West Connex consists of 4 major road tunnel projects in Sydney, Australia. Consisting of 33km of road tunnel and using steel fibre reinforced shotcrete for Ground Support of road header excavated tunnels. The use of Dramix® 4D65/35BG high performance steel fibre in the shotcrete mix allowed the excavation and support of very wide tunnels with complex shapes in a cost-effective manner. Using the Dramix®4D65/35BG also allowed for a reduced dosage rate, reduced lining thickness while maintaining extremely high performance, with significant economic and sustainability benefits to the projects.