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Immersed Tunnels in the Natural Environment

Environmental protection

is an important issue to the ITA

 Society has developed an increased awareness of the environmental impact caused by construction projects.

Immersed tunnels can create underground connections that can be environmentally favourable compared to surface structures. But by going

underground we must be careful to protect the environment during construction works.

Most authorities and owners are very responsible in their approach when assessing the impact a project has on its surrounding environmental.

However practice varies worldwide and there is a history of unbalanced evaluation of immersed tunnels compared to other forms of crossings. Since

not all areas in the world have experience in the immersed tunnel technique it is easy to misunderstand the possible impact. The main objective of

this paper is to Increase awareness of how potential environmental impacts arising from immersed tunnel construction can be successfully managed.

The main objective of this paper is to inform authorities on this form of tunnelling regarding the impact it has on its environment and to emphasize

the benefits and potential mitigations.

  • Published in: 2016
  • Author: WG11
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