Structural Fire Protection For Road Tunnels

As an addition to PIARC guidelines, the
scope of this ITA document is to provide
recommendations for techniques and
materials to answer these structural
requirements and make tunnels and their
ancillary structures more resistant to fire
damage. These recommendations take
into consideration the time - temperature
curves as recommended by others and
develop suitable means and methods for
the protection of the structures. The aim
or focus of the protection may vary from
preventing minor damage to preventing a
total collapse both during the fire event and
during the rescue operation.

This document is intended to be a guideline
and is to be used for road tunnels only
and not for rail, mass transit, or pedestrian
tunnels. However the basic principles for
the protection of tunnels and underground
structures may be applied to other types
of structures; in such cases special
consideration must be given to the particular
application and its own unique operational
and other site-specific elements.
This document is for informational purposes
only and applicable codes, standards and
local regulations must be consulted for
compliance to specific structural and life
safety requirements of the locale in which
the structure is located.

  • Published in: 2017
  • Author: WG6
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