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Guidelines for the design of segmental Tunnel Linings

The rapid progress of mechanized tunneling
to market prominence has continued and
even exceeded expectations following the
general worldwide trend in construction
towards mechanization and automation.
Mechanized tunneling utilizing a shield
Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) is often
associated with installing precast concrete
segmental linings. The design and
construction of these elements requires
comprehensive knowledge and a good
understanding of the principles specific to
this type of lining.
ITA WG2 published the “Guidelines
for the design of shield tunnel design”
in 2000. However, continuously
evolving technologies and consequent
developments and clarifications of related
design approaches make updates and
revisions of ITA guidelines inevitable.
The ITA WG2 2019 Guideline is intended
to fully update the original WG2 publication
“Guidelines for the design of shield tunnel
design” (2000) and it is a stand-alone
document. However, in the text reference
is still made to 2000 guideline for few
specific aspects which general description
is considered to remain valid.
The 2019 document consolidates most
recent developments, international best
practices, and state-of-the-art information
on all aspects of design and construction
of precast segmental tunnel linings. It is
addressed to experienced tunnel engineers
for specific needs of each project, and
to entry-level engineers to provide a
comprehensive general guide on major
design and construction concepts related
to segmental lining.
Elena Chiriotti, Incas Partners
ITA WG2 Animator
Ron Tluczek, Gibb
ITA WG2 Vice-Animator


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