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Planning Health and Safety Risk management for Underground Works

It is considered necessary that client organisations are prominent in establishing the context for the management of health and safety risks associated with underground project construction.  With such risks properly highlighted and prioritised, tenderers should be able to provide sufficient resources with their tenders in order to construct the works safely and contribute to the overall success of a project.  


1.     To identify hazards1 and constraints 2 imposed by the design, construction, operation and maintenance, refurbishment and de-commissioning of underground assets that give rise to reaso-nably foreseeable risks to health and safety.
2.     To ensure that identified health and safety risks are either elimina-ted or managed in a systematic and integrated way from the initial stages of a project, until completion, through operations, asset refurbishment and de-commissioning.
3.     To implement safety assurance measures with regular and tho-rough audits that demonstrate compliance with pre-defined risk criteria.
4.     With the above objectives achieved, demonstrate that residual risk levels3 for underground health and safety are as low as reasonably practicable.

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