An Owners Guide to Immersed Tunnels and annexes

The objective of this Guide is to answer the
following question:

What does an Owner need to know and
document for the planning, construction
and operation of an immersed tunnel?

The Guide will give owners confidence to
consider an immersed tunnel as a realistic
alternative for crossing waterways and
help them achieve the quality and standard
of construction they are accustomed to
or desire. While an immersed tunnel is a
specialist field within civil engineering, its
planning, construction and operation follow
the same established procedures for any
major infrastructure project. This Guide is
written with the intention of demystifying
the complexities of an immersed tunnel
and to help an owner identify the aspects
of an immersed tunnel that need particular
attention. As such, the Guide is immersed
tunnel specific and does not discuss routine
construction practices.