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ITAtech - The information disseminator of new technologies in tunnelling

ITAtech AG & SubAG AG at WTC 2016

Vibration Control in Urban Drill & Blast Tunnelling

ITAtech Guidance for Precast Fibre Reinforced Concrete Segments - Vol 1 Design Aspects

ITAtech WTC 2015 Dubrovnik

Guidelines on Monitoring Frequencies in Urban Tunnelling-Version 2015

ITA WGs and Committees' publications

ITAtech Session in Dubrovnik

ITA-CET and ITAtech: working together to train professionals

ITAtech Innovation Forum Iguassu 2014


ITAtech WTC 2014 IguaƧu

Guidelines on best practices for segment backfilling

ITAtech - Making headway

ITAtech WTC 2013 in Geneva

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