Brief overview of past activities / publications

The first meeting of ITACUS took place on occasion of the 11th International Conference of ACUUS in Athens in 2007. ITACUS was formally launched in Amsterdam in 2008 during the International Congress “Underground Space Challenges in Urban Development”. Further meetings of the Steering Board have taken place in Sao Paulo, Monaco, Budapest, Shenzhen and Vancouver. During these meetings the Work Programme and Activity Programme were discussed and finalized.

The Committee also organized Open Meetings in Budapest, Shenzhen and Vancouver. The last Open Meeting was held during the WTC in Vancouver, Canada, in May 2010. An Annual General Meeting with the members of ITACUS was also organized in Vancouver.

Planned and future activities

ITACUS has published its second White Paper (English and French versions). This paper deals with the issue of planning the use of underground space.
ITACUS has established that a planned approach to the use of underground space varies from virtually non-existent to very advanced practices. The White Paper does not provide an in-depth look at these practices. It aims to demonstrate the need for planning and hopes to raise awareness as to the importance of this subject for the future of underground space use. This White Paper # 2, downloadable from these ITACUS web pages, was presented and distributed during the Vancouver WTC in May 2010.

The Committee is preparing a new White Paper on “Underground Space and Sustainable Development”, which is planned to be published on the occasion of the WTC 2011 in Helsinki.

ITACUS has joined ITA-CET in its aims to further education and training in the field of tunnelling and underground space use. A proposal for a 2-day seminar outline has been formally approved by ITACET during its meeting held in Vancouver.

One of the major aims of ITACUS is to reach out to other organizations and interest them in the use of underground space use. Two international organizations that have responded favorably to the first contacts are ISOCARP, active in the field of planning, and IFME, active in the field of Municipal Engineering. A Memorandum of understanding will be signed between ITACUS and IFME and it is planned to organize an Open Meeting during the IFME World Congress in Finland in 2012. In addition, signing another Memorandum of understanding is envisaged with ISOCARP and the Chairman of ITACUS will participate in the ISOCARP World Congress to take place in Nairobi (Kenya) in September 2010.

In the years 2010-2011 the committee activities will focus on setting up contact with other international organizations who are active in the built environment from a planning perspective. ITACUS will also pursue activities to raise the awareness of underground space use in general - both internal and external to ITA. A variety of activities will be undertaken, not limited to but including round table discussions and workshops, joint activities and training sessions.