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19 June 2017

The ITACUS vice chair Antonia Cornaro welcomed an attentive and curious audience willing to jointly think deep. She was joined by Dr. Ray Sterling, former vice chair of ITACUS to co-host the session.

ITACUS held an action packed session rich in interesting contributions explaining what he have been doing, what we will be doing and how those attending and interested can be involved in our activities.

This was followed by presentations about our YPTDP: This program IITACUS developed together with former ITA young members chair Petr Salak which is called Young Professionals Think Deep Program. With this program, we want to involve young engineers to work together with young architects, young designers, young planners, young developers, young lawyers, essentially everyone interested in urban development and urban engineering to work on real life city cases.

We got a live report from Rosanne Verloop and Nicolas ZIV on ITACUS' Young Professional Think Deep Program (YPTDP), Tokyo's metro development, on the role of design in urban tunnels by Mathias Eidem Mathias Eidem, on sustainable urban development through the use of underground space by Per Tengborg, on the Swiss Center for Applied Underground Technologies SCAUT by board member Michael Lierau, on the exciting new Think Deep UK initiative (as part of the ITACUS National Action Program) , presented by Damian McGirr.

Applause to our chair Han Admiraal who inspired this program and who couldn’t attend in person but was there in spirit!

Thanks also to our activity group leader for the YPTDP Petr Salak who has invested great time and effort into this program, jointly with the chair and vice chair, Antonia Cornaro.


Here is the full program of the session: https://firstunited-events.com/wtc2017/schedule/itacus-use-of-underground/.