• Animateur: Eric Leca (France)
  • Vice-Animateur: Chungsik Yoo (South Korea)
  • Tutor: Soren Eskesen (Denmark)
  • Report presented by Eric Leca.

Participants (2 meetings held)

Twelve members from nine countries present: Austria (1), China (2), Denmark (1), Korea (1), France (2), Italy (1), Netherland (1), Spain (1), United States (2)


  • Review of the minutes of the Helsinki meeting
  • Review of draft recommendation on Site Investigations
  • Review of other on-going activities
  • Discussion on future works

On-going activities

  • Strategy for Site Investigations for Tunnelling Projects
  • Follow up Document to the 2004 Guidelines on Risk Assessment
  • Fibre Reinforced Cast Concrete

Status of recommendation under preparation

  • Title of Recommendation: Strategy For site investigations For Tunnelling Projects
  • This action is part of a joint initiative with ISRM
  • Revised draft was reviewed during the first meeting.

Additional work

  • Provide case histories
  • Elaborate on contractual aspects
  • Discussion on contractual aspects took place during second meeting with WG 3.
    It was agreed that WG 2 and WG 3 would cooperate to:
    • Review practices in different countries
    • Prepare a joint position paper
    • Objective: issue final draft in the coming year

Work on Risk Management

  • Work since last year has primarily focused on identification and preparation of case histories
  • More case histories expected from Europe, Asia, America

Works of Concrete used as Tunnel Lining

  • Draft document on Fibre Reinforced Concrete
  • Paper to address recent developments and potential applications
  • Will incorporate case histories on international practices.

32 / 46

  • Cooperation with FIB
  • Invitation by FIB to start a joint initiative on concrete used for tunnel lining
  • Scope may include durability, use of plain concrete, fibber reinforcement, high strength concrete

Other works

  • Possible future activity: Tools on assessing performance of underground construction for meeting sustainable development objectives.
  • Draft program for training session on site investigations.