• Animateur: Arnold Dix (Australia)
  • Vice-Animateur: Martin Smith (Switzerland), Tutor.
  • Olivier Vion (France)
  • Report presented by Arnold Dix.

Participation (2 meetings held)

There were Twenty-three participants from fifteen Nations of All Continents. There were also gests from other groups and members of the group became also gests of other groups. And in the spirit of "Contracts", the group was developing relationships (on time).


The group is actively engaged in relationships with:

  • WGS
  • NGOs
  • Industry
  • Governments

The group listens, and is sensitive to culture.

Tested three Contract Types (research projects)

This work has been done with the help of students who could participate in the Working Group.

  • NEC contracts in South Africa, presented by Mr. Hardus
  • Swiss Contract (SIA) in Europe /South America, presented by Mrs. Tara Huber, (PhD student of Prof. Anagnostou)
  • FIDIC contract in Eastern Europe, presented by Mr. Smith

Second job: Framework Update

Two New Schedules:

  • Endorsed ITA authored Documents
  • e.g.
  • Guidelines for good working practice in high pressure compressed air (endorsed )
  • Contractual Practices in Conventional Tunnelling (in review)

Endorsed External Documents

  • E.g. : ITIG Code of practice (completed)

Current Tasks

Collaborations (other ITA working groups):

  • Contractual Practices in Mechanised Tunnelling (in collaboration)
  • Ground Reference Conditions
  • Mechanised Tunnelling?
  • Conversion of earlier published ITA principals into contemporary context.

Outputs Expected

  • Contractual guide to using Alternative contracts dispute resolution - (due 2013)
  • Contractual guide to Using Ground Reference Conditions - (due 2013)
  • Contractual guide to using FIDIC, NEC and SIA model contracts (due 2013)
  • Earlier ITA contractual Propositions (5 years?)


  • Still searching for examples of ASIAN “style” contracts – i.e. Asian contracts as used and developed in Asia.
  • More case studies sought

WG3 Promise

  • We will help craft the contractual (legal) dimension of your technical work.
  • Join us so that we can better develop the underground space from a legal / financial / political perspective.