Animator: Arnold Dix (Australia),
Vice-Animator: Martin Smith (UK),
Tutor: Olivier Vion (France) 
Report presented by the Vice-Animator
27 Attendees from 20 countries for second meeting (divided into 4 task streams)
Our  Core  Outputs  are  populating  the  published  framework  with  endorsements  and elaborations on key legal principles: Working Group 3 has developed the following Task Groups:
A International Survey of Successful Contractual Practices
B Geotechnical Baseline Recommendations
C Model Contractual Best Practise Specification for Underground Projects
D Dispute Mechanism for Underground Projects
The intention is to collect pertinent information in order to develop clear, concise and consistent model documents that can be used by all parties over the next year for presentation in 2014
A Preparation of an International Survey of Contractual Practises to identify success factors in underground construction projects. The results will be evaluated against The ITA Contractual Framework Checklist for Subsurface Construction Contracts publication No. 6 April 2011
B Development of a Model Geotechnical Baseline Report for risk sharing in subsurface construction. The document will evaluate current practice from case studies around the world.
C Development of a Model Contractual Specification for Underground Works based on best practise complementing existing Standards Forms of Contract that are in most common use internationally. As a first development with the FIDIC forms of Contract. The document will propose key specific provisions based on previous conceptual recommendations by ITA Working Groups
D Proposal for a Dispute Mechanism particularly suited for underground construction where speed of decision making is critical to the safety and success of the project
New conventional tunnelling + health & safety scheduled publications to be endorsed
FIDIC “plug in” ITA recommendations for underground contracts
Ground Conditions: Contractual commentary on risk options
Presentation lessons learnt from real projects
Proposal on dispute mechanisms
Other ITA Publications
Conventional Tunnelling
Health and Safety