• Animateur: Donald Lamont (UK)
  • Vice-Animateur: Martin Vogel (Switzerland)
  • Tutor: Ivan Hrdina (Czech Republic)
  • Report presented by Donald Lamont.

Other countries represented : Australia, Austria, Germany, Sweden, USA.

WG5 met once in Bangkok.

Major work item was drafting our next report - “Guidelines for the provision of refuge chambers in tunnels under construction”.

  • No existing comprehensive guidance on the topic
  • Chambers are required by EN 12336, the DACH guidance and BS 6164
  • Commonly used in mining
  • Becomingly increasingly common on tunnelling projects
  • If used incorrectly could result in fatalities

Future work programme

  • Complete refuge guidelines by WTC 2013
  • Continue with our guidance on shaft safety
  • Consider guidance on asbestos in tunnelling
  • Possible additional meeting in Europe in Autumn 2012


No request for funding at present.