• Animator: Donald Lamont (UK), 
    Vice-Animator: Martin Vogel (Switzerland), 
    Tutor: Ivan Hrdina (Czech Republic)
    Report presented by Donald Lamont:
    The Group met twice during WTC 2013. In total 22 people from 14 countries attended either one or both meetings. This was a record for WG5.
    The Group also held a meeting at the Herrenknecht Factory in Schwanau (Germany) in August 2012. This followed a meeting of CEN/TC151/WG4 and was to discuss refuge chambers on TBMs.
    The major item of work in Geneva was the review of comments received on its Guideline on the provision of refuge chambers. WG 5 began this project following ITA 2011 in Helsinki. The document was discussed at the 2012 meeting of the Group in Bangkok.
    Following  Bangkok  the  Group  met  in  Schwanau  then  sought  comments  from  interested parties and also secured a preliminary peer review of the text by ITA ExCo.
    This  week  the  Group  has  reviewed  the  comments  received  and  has  now  completed  the drafting of this document.
    •Update of our guideline on High Pressure Compressed Air (with BTS CAWG ) – ITA 2014
    •Initial development of a guideline on the safety of specialist vehicles for use underground – ITA 2015 (with ITAtech support)
    •Cooperation with Sancot over a guideline on shaft construction
    •Emergency preparedness – guideline?
    •Revision of our general guideline on H&S to include more specific information on health hazards