• Animateur: Henry Russell (USA)
  • Vice-Animateur: RenĂ© van den Bosch (Netherlands),
  • Tutor: Yun Bai (China)
  • Report presented by Henry Russell.


10 Member nations represented

We discussed Structural Fire Protection for Road Tunnels - Needing Updating.

Developed an Outline for a Technical Supplement.

Necessary due to development of New Materials, fire protection systems and risk analysis for fire protection.


Four technical Presentations were made they were:

  • Fire Mist tests for Fire Suppression by Roland Leuckner of Germany
  • Maintenance Free Tunnels by Gunnar Gjaerlngen of Norway
  • Poly Rubber Gel Waterproofing Systems by Scott Schendel of USA
  • Data Management using Tablet Computers by Henry Russell of USA