Animator: Henry A. Russell (USA), 
Vice-Animator: Rene Van Der Bosch (Netherlands), 
New Tutor: Tarcisio Celestino (Brazil)
Report presented by Henry Russell:


Seven nations - Austria, China, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United States

Items Discussed

Comments on  2014 Fire Resistance for Road tunnels
Status of Groundwater Control for Operating Tunnels
Recommendations for establishment of a Working Group for Fire Protection

New Document 2014:

“Structural Fire Protection for Road Tunnels” (July 2014).

New Maintenance Document 2013:

“Groundwater Control for Operating Tunnels”
  • Methodology for inspection
  • Methodology for repairs
  • Data Management
  • Identification of Operator repairs/capabilities
  • Details of typical repairs
  • Recommendations for reduced maintenance