Animator: Henry A. Russell (USA), 
Vice-Animator: Rene Van Der Bosch (Netherlands), 
Tutor: Tarcisio Celestino (Brazil)
Report presented by Henry Russell:

Working Group met on 24 May 2015

Attended by Members of 6 Nations

Italy,Turkey,Thailand,Singapore,United Kingdom, United States of America


Progress of the review of Structural Fire Protection for Road Tunnels
Extensive review of comments at ITA Meeting in Brazil
Schedule has slipped; Expect to present in 2016 at San Francisco
Presentation on the comparison of sprayed vs. board fireproofing installation and performance
Mr. Sparrow of the UK provided a presentation on the dangers of various vehicle fuels in tunnel fires


In 2014 the Working Group began the development of a new document The Control of Groundwater Intrusion in Operating Tunnels

Examples of damage to tunnels from groundwater intrusion
Identification of types of ground water intrusion
Various methods for the cataloguing of leak locations flow using Microsoft EXCEL
Identification of           grouting products and procedures Evaluation of grouting and sealing products performance Description of methods for the interception of leakage and its control by diversion
Case studies standard of practice in various countries

The Working Group is looking for new members who are interested in repair and maintenance, especially members from the Young Members Group.