• Animateur: Wenge Qiu (China)
  • Vice-Animateur: Gary Kramer (Canada)
  • Tutor: Daniele Peila (Italy)
  • Report presented by Wenge Qiu.

Summary of WG9 Meeting


9 persons from 4 countries participated in the WG9 meeting on May 20 in Lotus 2 : 1p, Italy, Daniele Peila (Tutor); 1p, Japan , Hikaru Veno; 3ps, USA, Harvey Parker, Julia Oakes, Verya Nasri; 4ps, China, Wenge Qiu (Animateur), Hui Hu, Yuchao Zheng, Weiping Xu.


  • Summary for the work of last year.
  • Discussion of the draft report scheme.
  • Plan for the next year work.
  • Vote for the vice-animateur.

Further Work

  • Draft report will include three parts which are What happened, Why and What’s the solution. More related documents will be collected and reorganized.
  • More colleagues are invited to join the WG9.
  • The vacancy of vice-animateur needs to be recommended from the member nations.