Animator: Wenge Qiu (China), 
Vice-Animator: Garry Kramer (Canada), 
Tutor: Daniele Peila (Italy) - Report presented by Wenge Qiu:
Twelve persons from six countries attended the WG meeting: 1p, Italy, Peila Daniele (Tutor)
4ps, Japan, Yasushi  Haga, Afsuhiro Tanaka, Hiroaki Yoshimo, Hidekazu Ishii; 1p, USA, Harvey Parker ; 1p, Chile, Giorgio Piaggio M. ; 1p, Switzerland, Jian Zhao; 4ps, China, Wenge Qiu (Animateur), Weiping Xu, Guang Huang, Chao Kong
1.  Discussion of the draft report:
a)  what happened;
b)  why did it happen;
2.  Received materials from Harvey Parker (USA);
3.  Promised materials from Giorgio Piaggio M. (Chile) and Peila Daniele (Italy);
4.  Election/Recommendation of the vice-animateur.
1.  The Group finished most part of its first draft report, and will keep working on and polishing it towards its next report.
2.  Thanks to all the people who helped with this report.
3.  Finally, WG9 beg the financial support from the ITA.