Animator: Giorgio Piaggio (Chile)
Vice-Animator:Wenge Qiu (China)
Tutor: Daniele Peila (Italy)

Objectives from WTC2014

  • To incorporate key country members into the group, for knowledge and information sharing. Done.
  • Ömer Aydan: From JSCE, chairman of the Rock Dynamics Committee, more than 25 years of experience in seismic design and analysis.
  • Guido Andreotti: From EUCENTRE, one of the most important European research centers for seismic studies and risk analysis. Expert in seismic risk analysis and numerical analysis on ground-structure interaction.
  • Tai-Tien Wang: from National Taipei University of Technology, expert in seismic monitoring, instrumentation and numerical analysis.
  • To reactivate worldwide the interest for seismic analysis and design, for rock and soil tunnels: Done and still doing it.
    • Professionals from Japan, China, Norway, Chile, Italy and Turkey.
    • Specifically, 11 professionals attended, with the following distribution:
    • Chile: 1, Italy: 2, Japan: 3, China: 1, Taiwan: 2, Turkey: 1, Norway: 1.


  • To produce state of the art reports for the tunnelling community. Ongoing:
    • Scope of works ready, contents ready, now        working to publish in two years more.
    • Database of seismic damages in tunnels. Each participant is assigned to a world region to get data.
    • Guidelines for seismic damage classification and register (based on the Japanese standard).

General Information





Year of Construction






Maximum Overburden




Tunnel Type (DB,NATM,TBM)


Support Type (Lined/Unlined)





Tunnel Shape


Size (Heirht,Width,Diameter)


Pillar Width


Earthquake Data

MarDitude  (Local,   surface  and moment)


Faultinr  Mechanism                  (Thrust, normal,strike·slipe)


Earthquake·type                                  (interplate, intraplate)


Hypocenter depth


Fault (Strike  or   dip   direction, dip, strike;lenrth,maximum relativedisplacement)



  • Strong focused on design and analysis methodologies that countries with seismic experience are currently using.
    • We had four presentations about the current work in Japan, Italy, Chile and Taiwan.
      • Integration of structural and geotechnical engineering in seismic analysis.
      • Root Cause Seismic Damage Analysis
      • Seismic instrumentation and monitoring.
      • Performance of the Metro Line in Chile after 27/F Earthquake


Shallow Tunnels

We invite all people interested on this important topic to take contact and share their experience and knowledge.

Chairman: Giorgio Piaggio M. (Chile) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Vice-Chairman: Qiu Wenge (China) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.