• Animateur: Ch. Ingerslev (USA)
  • Vice Animateur: J. Baber (United Kingdom)
  • Tutor: Y. Leblais (France)

The Group met on Sunday 16th May 2010. The meeting was attended by fifteen participants from nine countries, namely Canada, China, Denmark, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, United Kingdom and United States.

A second meeting was held the following day with thirteen of those participants. Information was exchanged on projects and developments around the world, and group activities between now and the next ITA Annual Congress were organized as follows:

  • A two-day training course on immersed tunnels will be held later this year.
  • An Owners Guide to Immersed Tunnels is being prepared and sections are being posted on the ITA website as they are completed.
  • A similar document on submerged floating tunnels will be started and uploaded in a similar manner.