• Animator:  Christian  Ingerslev  (USA),
    Vice-Animator:  Jonathan  Baber  (UK), 
    Tutor:  Yan Leblais (France)
    Report presented by Christian Ingerslev:
    31 attendees from eleven countries held meeting both on Sunday and on Monday. A clear plan has been developed for the coming year.
    Ten project reports/technical presentations were presented
    A new Animateur and a new Vice-Animateur were elected:
    •    Animateur: Jonathan Baber, United Kingdom,
    •    Vice-Animateur: Eelco van Putten, the Netherlands,
    •    Tutor will be confirmed by the ExCo.
    ACHIEVEMENTS 2012-2013
    Owner’s guide to immersed tunnels:
    •    11 new appendices prepared
              • 6 reviewed, updated and undergoing final edit
              • 5 reviewed and being updated
              •7 further new draft appendices prepared out of planned 15
    Guide to submerged floating tunnels
    •    Framework further developed
    •    Index created on ITA website
    Environmental paper
    •    Content further developed
    PLAN FOR 2013-2014
    Owner’s guide to immersed tunnels
    •    Publish 11 completed appendices
    •    Prepare, review and finalise next 15 appendices
    Guide to submerged floating tunnels
    •    Content to be further developed – chapter authors to be assigned.
    Complete environmental paper