Animator:  Jonathan baber (UK)
Vice-Animator:  Eelco van Putten (Netherlands)
Tutor:  Davorin Kolic (Croatia)
Report presented by Jonathan Baber:

Report from meetings:

21 attendees from 6 countries
Both Sunday and Monday meetings
Clear plan developed for coming year
Eight project reports/technical presentations
Workshop on health and safety aspects

Achievements 2013-2014

Owner’s guide to immersed tunnels:
  • 11 new appendices finalised and submitted for ExCo review.
  • Glossary of terms
  • Closure joints
  • Steel construction
  • Element construction / casting basin
  • Soil conditions
  • Seismic design
  • Compaction grouting
  • Refurbishment
  • Tunnel element alignment
  • Tunnel element transportation
  • Tunnel element mounted equipment
  • 10 further new draft appendices prepared and undergoing review within the WG
Environmental paper progressed
Immersed Tunnel Catalogue: agreed searchable index
Training support du ITACET:
  • Opatija, Croatia seminar June 2013
  • Sao Paulo, November 2014, 2-day training seminar

Plan for 2014-2015

Environmental paper : Final draft completed by WTC2015
SFT Owners Guide : First draft completed by WTC2015
Immersed Tunnel Owners Guide (ITA report no.7):
  • Publication of 2nd Edition 2014
  • Publication of 3rd Edition 2015
  • Publication of 4th (and final) Edition 2015/16
  • 2no. Web based coordination meetings per year

Other objectives

Searchable catalogue on ITA website
Greater involvement in the working group from non-European countries.