Animator: Atsumu Ishida (Japan),
Vice-Animator: Odd-Bjorn Kleven (Norway),
Tutor: Felix Amberg (Switzerland) 
Report presented by Atsumu Ishida:
31 persons attended the meeting; they were coming from 17 member nations: Australia, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, U. A. E., and U. S. A.

Fiber-reinforced sprayed concrete:

Preparing ITA report

Mix design and durability:

Draft paper circulated

Quality control:

Proposalandprimaryreportofframework,target goal

Permanent sprayed concrete lining:

Agreed on a future work.  Updating  of report published in 2001

Waterproofing spray membranes:

Report from ITAtech Committee activity group

New Animateur: Eivind Grov (Norway)
New Vice-animateur: Stefan Bernard (Australia)