Animator: Eivind Grov (Norway)
Vice-Animator: Stefan Bernard (Australia)
Tutor: Nikolaos Kazilis (Greece)
Report presented by Eivind Grov:
The Group met on Sunday afternoon with an attendance of 27 participants from 17 member nations: Australia, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Russia, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, United Kingdom, and USA.

Current Activities, prioritised by the WG

Fiber-reinforced sprayed concrete:
A draft report has been prepared, which will reviewed internally in the WG, to be updated to enable preparation of ITA report

Mix design and durability:
A draft paper has been circulated and to be reviewed by the WG

Quality control:
The initiative came up last year and the WG appointed persons to be dedicated to develop the document

Permanent sprayed concrete lining:
Updating of report published in 2001, allocated persons to update the report

Other issues to work with in the WG

Coordination and liaison with ITAtech
There is a need to strengthen the coordination with ITAtech and activity groups, this is a responsibility of the Animateur and Vice-Animateur, and will be followed up activity groups leaders;
Management structure of WG12
A management structure will be prepared by the Animateur and Vice-Animateur to run and operate the WG to enable the desired level of deliverables and production
Communication architecture
There is a risk that participants in the meetings are not receiving the distributed documents, the Animateur and Vice-Animateur need to establish a architecture that secures comprehensive distribution