Animator: Eivind Grov (Norway)
Vice-Animator: Stefan Bernard (Australia)
Tutor: Tom Melbye for Nikolaos Kazilis (Greece)

Meeting on Sunday afternoon

25 participants from 18 member nations:
Australia, Chech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Norway, South Africa, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Venezuela, UAE, U.S.A.

Current Activities, prioritised by the WG

Fiber-reinforced sprayed concrete

A draft report has been scrutinized, the plan is to make this a short & concise report on why use fiber reinforsement, comprehensive list of references and hopefully going public next year;

Sprayed concrete durability

A draft paper has been circulated and to be reviewed by the WG

Quality control

Held internal meeting here, identify interface with the durability report before deciding format and content, persons are appointed for this.

Permanent sprayed concrete lining

Updating of 2001-report, need to be updated, postponed start-up

Other issues to work with in the WG

Coordination and liasion with ITA-Tech

Coordination with ITA-Tech is important to avoid duplicate work. A contact was established, he is retired and we need to re-establish this. A meeting has been held during the WTC15.

Management plan of WG12

A management plan for WG12 has been drafted and was presented during the meeting. It's main purpose is to establish a process for encouraging members to take on tasks and deliver papers.

Communication architecture

Experience shows that participants in the meetings are not receiving distributed documents, need to establish a concept to secure good distribution and also ways of communication internally in the group