Animator: Lars Babendererde (Germany)
Vice-Animator: Brian Fulcher (USA), 
Tutor: Rick Lovat (Canada)
Report presented by Lars Babendererde:
21 persons from nine member nations participated in the meeting of the Group.

List of Challenging Projects

From year 2009
1.     Shanghai Yangtze Road Tunnel, China
2.     Shanghai Shangzhong Road River-crossing, China
3.     Shanghai East FuxingRoad Tunnel, China
4.     Uetliberg Highway Tunnel, Zürich, Switzerland
From year 2010
5.     Trans-Bay Gas Pipeline, Futtsu City, Japan
From year 2011
6.     Galleria Sparvo, Castiglione dei Pepoli (BO), Italy
7.     Dez to Ghomroud Water Conveyance Project, Long Tunnel Lot 1, Iran
From year 2012
8.     Hallandsås Project, Sweden

Developing underground projects while maintaining the tunnelling options

  • Common work with WG19 Conventional Tunnelling
  • Review of the already elaborated document
  • Adjustment of the structure according to discussions in the WGs
  • Definition of adjusted milestones
  • Aim is to publish a document by ITA 2016