Animator: Jan K. G. Rohde (Norway)
Vice-Animator: Nikolai Bobylev (Russia)
Tutor: Anna Lewandowska (Poland)
Report presented by Jan Rohde:
During the Meeting held on 11th May, 6 members representing 5 nations participated: Austria, Poland, Chinese Taipei, USA, and Norway.


Questionnaires distributed, good response.


Two reports under preparation:
  • Handling of excavated material
  • Noise and vibrations


Cooperation with Austria and France on excavated material.
Cooperation with EFEE on vibrations from conventional tunnelling.

Time Schedule

Proposed Time Schedule Excavated Material:
Preparation of draft report                            September 2014
Send to Core WG members                        September 2014
Draft Final Report to ExCo                           December 2014
Final Report                                                  April 2015

Noise and vibrations to follow closely.