Animator: Jan K. G. Rohde (Norway)
Vice-Animator: Nikolai Bobylev (Russia)
Tutor: Anna Lewandowska (Poland)

Meetings 24,25 May

8 members present (one participation via skype)
representing  7 nations: Norway, Poland, Taiwan, Russia, USA, Japan and Switzerland.

Agenda/Questions discussed:

  1. Report on Excavated material from Tunnels and Underground Caverns (the final draft was distributed, the report is due by end 2015)
  2. Report on Noise and Vibrations (the work has been started, contributors identified)
  3. WG contributions to San Francisco 2016
  4. Forward looking agenda/emerging issues

Highlights for further work:

  • Review of water quality issues
  • Review of approaches for voluntary sustainability targets during  underground  works  (materials  + environmental management)
  • Brief on the emerging issues in the environmental component   of   sustainability  related  global development agenda (climate change adaptation, mitigation, urban resiliency)