• Animateur: Gérard Seingre (Switzerland)
  • Vice-Animateur: Jinxiu (Jenny) Yan (China)
  • Tutor: Rick Lovat (Canada)
  • Report presented by Jenny Yan, Vice-Animateur of the Group.

The meeting gathered ten members from nine different countries: Argentina, Canada, China, Italy, Japan, Nepal, Pakistan, Slovenia, and South Korea.

Five of the attendees were former members to the WG.

  • A draft report on adit prepared by the animateur, Mr. Gérard Seingre, translated from French into English by Rick Lovat and sent to members for discussion and contributions before Bangkok WTC 2012.
  • Nine countries contributed on the modification of the draft report during WTC 2012 and some case examples will be added from China, Italy and Japan. Goal: publication in 2013.
  • A financing report on mega-project: Case study on Bioceanico Aconcagua Railway Project will be prepared by Argentina. Goal: publication in 2013.
  • Presentation and discussion on design and construction of long railway tunnels in China.
  • Presentation and discussion on tunnelling challenges through weak zones in Nepal, Himalaya.
  • Presentation and discussion on Argentina- Chile Bioceanico Aconcagua Railway Project.
  • Discussion on countermeasures on some typical difficulties of long tunnels at great depth, especially in Himalaya region.
  • Discussion on more activities of the WG, a sub-group meeting in China in June 2012.