Animator: Gérard Seingre (Switzerland)
Vice-Animator: Magali Schivre (France)
Tutor: Jinxiu (Jenny) Yan (China)
Report presented by Gérard Seingre:
Two meetings were held in Iguassu with the participation of nine members from eight different countries: Argentina, China, Italy, Korea, Norway, France, USA and Switzerland. Six of the attendees were former members to the WG.

Presentations on projects and review of state of advancement of exiting project :

  • Brenner Base Tunnel (Austria / Italy)
  • Central Bioceanic Corridor (Argentina and Chile)
  • Nant de Drance pumped storage (Switzerland)
The report on “Adits for long and deep tunnels” was published last year in Geneva.

Agreement for a new report on the following topic:

The use of TBM in long and deep tunnels in difficult rock (Squeezing, Buckling, Faults zone, Rock burst)
  1. Introduction and purpose of the report
  2. Definitions of the different phenomena
  3. TBM tunneling related consequences
    Appendix: constitution of a data base

Definitions of the different phenomena: Spalling / Rockburst / Buckling / Squeezing / Fault zone / High water pressure
Constitution of a data base
Information to other animators:
  • WG 14 Mechanised tunnelling
  • ITAtech Group Excavation