Animator: Gérard Seingre (Switzerland)
Vice-Animator: Magali Schivre (France)
Tutor: Jinxiu (Jenny) Yan (China)

2 meetings in Dubrovnik

  • 20 members from 11 different countries: Argentina, China, Turkey, Italy, Korea, Sweden, Spain, Netherland, France, USA and Switzerland 
  • 8 of the attendees were former members to the WG
  • Review of state of advancement of on-going projects
  • Presentation of the conclusion of the intermediate meeting in January, in Brenner Base Tunnel (Italy)
–  Work on the new report “The use of TBM in long and deep tunnels in difficult rock (Squeezing, Buckling, Faults zone, Rock burst)”
1.  Validation between the new members of the aim of the report
2.  Presentation of the Database and identification of several projects (Frejus, Lake Mead, Olmos, Brenner, Jinping , Gothard…)
3.  Consequences of the specific phenomenon linked with high deep TBM tunneling were strongly discussed
=> First draft for WTC2016 !