• Animateur: D. Peila (Italy)
  • Vice Animateur: H. Admiraal (Netherlands)
  • Tutor: M. Thewes (Germany)

The meeting was attended by members from Brazil, Thailand, the Netherlands, Italy, Egypt, France and Germany.

After the meeting in Budapest, last year, we agreed on a transition period with regards to the cooperation between WG18 and ITA-CET committee.

Following the meeting of animateurs in Vancouver and the advice given by Alfred Haack as appointed by the ExCo to look into the working of the working groups, a deep discussion on the future of the cooperation and activities was held. The vice-animateur will write a position paper detailing the discussion. This paper will be given to Alfred Haack.

During the discussion working group members reached the conclusion that the most important tasks for which the working group was started have been completed.

This includes the database of university courses, university professor network, development of courses before WTC’s, and development of didactic material.

From all these activities the ITA-CET committee evolved and has reached a relevant number of members. For this reason WG18 members strongly recommend to the ExCo to take into account the possibility of the integration of WG 18 into the ITA-CET committee thereby holding only one meeting during the WTC on Monday.

We would ask those member nations not yet represented in WG 18 to propose names for working in this field.

We further propose to integrate the tasks of WG 18 into various activity groups within the ITA-CET committee, given that the latter has evolved from WG 18, but now provides a bigger and more diverse platform to fulfill these tasks.

Activity groups can be, but are not limited to: knowledge management, new teaching tools and methodologies, training at early level of education (pre university activity, high school, training of technicians).

With regards to the latter a questionnaire will be sent to the member nations and industrial partners of ITA (like prime sponsors) to understand what are the real needs in this field.

This task will be taken up either by the working group or an activity group of ITA-CET depending on the decision of the ExCo reached in terms of the proposal to integrate