Animator: Martin Muncke (Austria),
Vice-Animator: Jørgen Holst (Denmark),
Tutor: thePresident to be elected
Report presented by Martin Muncke:
Five persons from Austria, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and USA attended the first time to discuss the scope and the tasks of this new working group. Others proposed their interest for the future.
It was decided to collect the existing literature on this topic for a “state of the art” study.
The main focus of this WG will be the preparation of guidelines for the owners of tunnels to support the “Life Cycle Asset Management”.
Other  possible  deliverables  will  be  checklists,  description  of  the  method  and  necessary information from all different installations in a tunnel and their interaction.
With regard to the discussion there will be a strong connection with some of the other WG (e.g. 2, 20 …).
Useful information can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.