Animator: Martin Muncke (Austria)
Vice-Animator: --
Tutor: Soren Degn Eskesen
Report presented by Martin Muncke:

10 colleagues (from AT, DE, DK, IT, JP, NO, SA, SE, US) met here in Iguassu Falls in two meetings to discuss in this new working group.

The main focus of this WG will be the preparation of guidelines for the owners of tunnels to support the “Life Cycle Asset Management”.

We had a very good discussion about the different aspects of this work and prepared the structure for a guideline. Important factors are under others the need of maintenance, the financial conditions, social and environmental aspects.

We discussed also other possible deliverables e.g. checklists or technical descriptions. We will try to prepare a first document for presentation to the ExCo next year in Croatia.

We had presentations from South Africa, Japan and USA with very good inputs for the work.

Unfortunately the new proposed vice-animateur was not present and the group remitted the election to the next meeting.