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Executive decisions

Invest in the future

Guidelines on Contractual Aspects of Conventional Tunnelling

Adits for Long and Deep Tunnels

Glossary of Terms for Tunnelling (Advances in Tunnelling Technology and Subsurface Use, Vol. 1, Nr. 2, pp. 139 - 181, 1981)

Booklet: Thesaurus and a bibliography sheet model

International Tunnelling Association (ITA) and Risk

Latest Achievement and Perspectives in Tunnel Safety

The governance of costs in tunnel design and construction

Environmental and Sustainable Development Reasons for Going Underground

Underground Space: Good for Sustainable Development, and Vice Versa

Occupational Health & Safety Risk Management in Tunnel Works

Risk Management in tunnelling:A systematic framework for the contractual apportionment of construction risk.

Introduction to Risk management

PIARC and Tunnel fire life safety

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