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Latest Publications

  • An Owner's Guide to Submerged Floating Tunnels

    The Guide is intended to give future Owners the information they need to consider a Submerged Floating Tunnel (SFT) as a realistic, safe, economic alt

  • The Tunnel Behavior at the Face of Excavation

    Tunnels are obviously among the most difficult civil works to design because of the many uncertainties to deal with and their three-dimensional charac

  • Urban Underground Space for Resilient Cities: Urban Problems, Underground Solutions

    URBAN PROBLEMS, UNDERGROUND SOLUTIONS As the world’s population continues to grow, an ever-increasing number of people will live and work in urba

  • Logistics Aspects of Long and Deep Tunnels

    Long and deep tunnels allow humanity to overcome natural obstacles, thus allowing efficient and environmentally friendly transportation of goods, reso

  • Guideline for Use of Rock Classification Systems for Ground Support on TBM Tunnels

    Rock support is arguably one of the most important aspects of any tunneling operation. Historically, the decision about which rock support to use was