Many Peoples, One planet, One ITA

Member Nations

ITA gathers 80 Member Nations.

In ITA Statutes, a Member Nation is an organization that represents its country inside ITA. One country can only be represented by one and unique body. This body can be an open or a close organization.

Most of the countries (80 at the moment) are represented by an Open organization either :
  • Independent association with goal to develop knowledge in tunnelling as well as of use of underground space – Ex : Argentina, Belgium, Canada, France
  • Committee of an overall organization active in civil engineering, mining, geotechnics … - Ex : Brazil, UK, USA


Affiliate members

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Corporation and individuals (as far as they fulfill the conditions) can participate in the activities of the association.

For the Companies and organization ITA proposes different categories and benefits. Association (ITA) rallies organizations that share same values and a common vision of the current and future of industry needs. As partner (Affiliate member, Supporter or Prime Sponsor), ITA enhances your influence on the worldwide market by offering a high level platform and a large variety of communication tools: ITA website inclusion, World Tunneling Congress (WTC), international events, newsletter and media resources.
Your implication as a partner is a ensures that your organization and your point of view will be taken into account at the higher level of worldwide authority. Thanks to its notoriety, ITA offers a large audience to their partners through its own website (per year, it is 60.000 visits from 180 countries or 250.000 pages seen), social networking and different events.
The Partners have access to internationally recognised influential experts. Currently, we count 128 Corporate Affiliate Members (CAM), 40 Supporters (SUP) and 14 Prime Sponsors (PS).

Prime Sponsors

Prime sponsors enjoy exclusive benefits including logo placement and news submission opportunities in ITA@news, discounted sponsorship packages at WTC and endorsed conferences, and advance booth booking privileges at WTC. They gain membership in multiple ITA working groups, participation in ITAtech, and representation on ITA committees. Additionally, they receive market analysis reports and the TUST journal. This comprehensive package enhances their industry visibility, networking opportunities, and access to valuable resources.


Supporters of ITA also enjoy several valuable benefits. They have the opportunity to present their company's activities once a year on the ITA website and feature news in ITA@news. Additionally, supporters gain membership in ITA working groups, participation in ITA committees, and eligibility for ITAtech. They receive an electronic version of the TUST journal and summaries of market analysis. Supporters may also receive the TUST journal free of charge, further enriching their access to industry insights and information.

Individuals Members

Enter the global tunnelling landscape with our premium platform and a range of communication tools such as web portal, yearly World Tunnel Congress (WTC), global networking at international events, access to our newsletters and media ressources, ITA library, project database.

International Organizations

ITA was granted the Category II status as Non Governmental Organisation by the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, in 1987, collaborates regularly to UN authorities, namely UN-HAbitat, UN ISDR, UN-ECE, ECOSOC, FAO, etc.

Sister Associations

ITA has developped relationship with other international organizations such European Union, or Association such as the World Road Association (PIARC), the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE), the International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM), the International Society of City and Regional Planners (ISOCARP), the International federation of municipal Engineers (IFME), the International Tunnelling Insurance Group (ITIG), the International Road Federation (IRF), the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) and others.