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Immerse yourself in the core of the global tunnelling and underground space community – Open the gateway to a universe of networking, exposure, and priceless insights awaits!

Enter the global tunnelling landscape with our premium platform and a range of communication tools such as web portal, yearly World Tunnel Congress (WTC), global networking at international events, access to our newsletters and media ressources, ITA library, project database ....

Enjoy the benefits of an Individual membership to ITA today.

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The Membership fee is fixed by the Category (Tier 1, 2 or 3) of contribution to the UN's general budget of your Country and it is reduced by 50% if you are a Member of your National Association (MNs of ITA) and reduced by another 50% if you are under 35 years or a student.

  • Member affiliate to an ITA Member Nation Organization (MNO):
    Category 1: 60€ / Category 2: 40€ / Category 3: 20€
    > For young members under 35 years and students:
    Category 1: 30€ / Category 2: 20€ / Category 3: 10€

  • Member non-affiliate to an ITA Member Nation or outside a MNO:
    Category 1: 120€ / Category 2: 80€ / Category 3: 40€
    > For young members under 35 years and students:
    Category 1: 60€ / Category 2: 40€ /Category 3: 20€

To join as an Individual Member Affiliated to the ITA-AITES organisation, please fill in the form in this page.

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  • Possibility to be listed on ITA Webpage
  • Employment wanted to be listed on ITA webpage

ITA Activities

  • Opportunity to participate in Working Groups
  • Opportunity for participation in YMG
    (<35 yrs of age, students)
  • Author rights attribution in Working Groups
  • Opportunity to apply and be appointed in ITA Committees (ITA-CET, ITACUS, ITA COSUF) as per specific rules adopted by each Committee

ITA Publications

  • Free public access to all ITA documents: WG documents, workshops and webinars
  • One (1) subscription to TUST at a preferential fee of 100€