Swiss Tunnelling Consultants

Swiss Tunnelling Consultants
MM. Felix Amberg, Xavier Guigas et Davide Fabbri
Rheinstrasse 4
7320 Sargans


Swiss Tunnelling Consultants is a partnership of BG Consulting Engineers, Amberg Engineering Ltd.and Lombardi Engineering Ltd. to contribute with their vast knowledge in deep and long tunnelling to the design and implementation for further similar underground works. The technology in this field shall help to cope with next challenges and tunnels to be driven even further and deeper.

In the past the partners have individually and jointly worked on long deep alpine tunnels, like the Gotthard Road Tunnel, Vereina Tunnel or Loetschberg Base Tunnel. Many of them record setting projects.The partners are currently working on a number of special tunnels, like the Gotthard Base Tunnel, the Semmering Base Tunnel, the Koralmtunnel, or the Gibraltar Crossing. These projects lead to the first project where all three of them contribute to, a priority project for the European Union: The new Lyon-Turin rail connection (LTF). Lying at the intersection between the north - south and east - west communica-tion-axes between Italy and France this link will help to complete the European rail network, both for passengers and freight.

Swiss Tunnelling Consultants

The focused joint Franco-Italian Stretch will include a major civil-engineering structure: the 52-km international "base" tunnel between Saint-Jean de Maurienne and Susa Valley. Actually Lombardi Ltd. is in charge of the site supervision of the main intermediate adita t Modane. Based on the “Avant Project de Reference”, which was worked out by Amberg Engineering Ltd. in a JV with partners, STC was awarded with two consulting contracts for support in establishing the required studies for the railway infrastructure. The contracts cover the Safety and security subjects, as well as Civil Engineering, Geology and Environment.