Sika Services AG
Concrete & Waterproofing Division

Mr. Alberto Rey
Tüffenwies 16
8048 Zürich, Switzerland

Tel: +41 58 436 40 40

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Sika offers full range of construction chemicals for concrete in tunneling and mining, including admixtures, sprayed concrete equipment and waterproofing systems for conventional and mechanized tunnel excavation.


Sika develops specific concrete admixture solutions for underground construction:

  • Shotcrete with highest early strength (Sigunit®) and efficient application as wet or dry spraying process,
  • Lining concrete with high durability characteristics (Sika®ViscoCrete®) and high placing properties.

Depend on the project requirements special additives can be added to improve workability time (Sika®ViscoFlow®) or high early strength for early demoulding (SikaRapid®), stabilizer for better workability (Sika®Stabilizer) or SCC, durability improver (Sika®Control) for all type of requirements. In the same time Sika is working on concrete construction methods for the future for new construction and rehabilitation as Sika 3D Printing or process-independent air entrainer.


Sika provides a full range of waterproofing solutions for all types of below ground structures such as tunnels, caverns or station boxes: high flexible membranes, high resistant liquid applied membranes, various joint waterproofing systems, waterproofing mortars, special coatings and injection materials for remedial works if leaks occurs. This full range allows specifiers, owners and contractors to select the appropriate solution considering project specific conditions and needs. All Sika waterproofing systems are designed to met owners requirements regarding technical functionality, durability, application and total cost of ownership. Because life cycle management and sustainability becomes more important, Sika's well established system solutions are tested according to various leading international standards in the tunnel industry and sika's internal testing methods to prove their high durability even in harsh conditions.