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Les espaces souterrains : vecteurs de développement des villes durables

Think Deep: Planning, development and use of underground spaces in cities

ITA Global Perspective - Deciding on Better and Resilient Cities

  • Published in 2013
  • Author ITACUS

Summary of WTC ITACUS open session “Think'Deep – to create an urban underground future”

ITACUS Session in Dubrovnik

ITA at the UN climate change summit in New York

How resilient is your city?

U2FC @ WTC 2014 - Wednesday 14th May at 9AM

U2FC @ WTC 2014 - Wednesday 14th May at 9AM

IMAGINE video handed over the UN’s Margareta Wahlström

Official Launch of WTC 2015

News #1

Global Perspective 2013

ITA Global Perspective Open Session 2013

Leaders, Eastern promise

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