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ITA-CET team up with ITACUS for the next lunchtime lectures on 8th February 2022

Lunchtime Lecture Serie #12

ITACUS, official partner to UN Environment Programme

Participation in an international seminar with the Chilean, Colombian and Mexican Tunnelling associations

Adapting cities for a climate resilient future through underground space

Special session hosted by ITACUS during the ISOCARP

ITACUS @ XVI Andean Seminar of Tunnels and Underground Works

AFTES congress in Paris

Session 5

  • Date Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Are you ready for the ITA #TunnellingWeek


Cyber Agora #5: Underground Urbanism

Cyber Agora #5: Underground Urbanism

Hagerbach next 50 festival

Launching of the ITACUS LinkedIn page

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