ITA WGs and Committees' publications

ITA WGs and Committees' publications

08 May 2015

Presentation of the WG and Committees publications. – Tuesday May 26th 8:30 – 09:45


This year, ITA WGs and Committees have been very productive. The session will be dedicated to the presentation of the following papers that will be available on ITA website.


-       Working Group 2 – Research
Recommendation on Site Investigations

-       Working Group 5 – Health and Safety
Guidelines for good working practice in high pressure compressed air – revised version

-       Working Group 11 – Immersed Tunnels
Owners guide – Annexes

-       ITAtech – Activity Group – Excavation
ITAtech Guidelines on rebuilds of machinery for mechanized tunnel excavation

-       ITAtech – Activity Group Support
ITAtech Design guidance for precast fibre reinforced concrete segments

-       ITAtech – Activity Group Monitoring
Monitoring frequencies in urban tunnelling – revised version

-       ITAtech – Activity Group Monitoring
ITAtech Guidelines on Remote measurements

-       ITA COSUF
Survey of existing regulations and recognised recommendations (on operation and safety of road tunnels)